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How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home ?

One of the top questions our clients ask us is : “How long does it take to build our custom house?”

Each project is different, and there is no specific timeline. However, we’re happy to share a rough building timeline with you to give you an idea of how long each phase of a standard project will usually take.



Before we start building a house, we need to set the groundwork by completing the Planning phase. Thorough planning of a project will better ensure its success and smooth execution of the process going forward. As well, there are items that must be completed in order for building to start. We have found this phase typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the timeliness of client responses and project scope. During the Planning phase, we will:

  • Conduct initial site meeting with Project Manager
  • Sign the agreement & deposit
  • Select Architect & Interior Design team
  • Create build timeline & selection schedule


Once the initial planning is completed, we will move into the Design phase. During this phase, we work with you, your architect, and designer to create your building plans. Depending on the number of revisions and complexity of your build, this phase can take 4-6 weeks for a standard project. Larger building projects or those requiring additional property or building assessments can take longer. During the Design phase, we will:

  • Draw up house construction plans with Architect & Interior Design team
  • Collaborate with Interior Design team to select finishes
  • Coordinate with suppliers & order building materials based on phases
  • Geotechnical & structural assessment
  • Assemble contractor team based on project specifications & custom needs
  • Obtain necessary building permits and appraisals


Your plans are approved We will submit all the Architectural, Structural and Mechanical plans to city in order to get the demolish and building permit.
This process varies based on the city and the rules and regulations of each city. 
If there are variances requested by owner that is out of city standards , those variances requested must be minor in nature and can be sent to committee of adjustment and will make the permit process longer.
In some cities like Richmond hill there are two separate permits for grading and building.


Your plans are approved and all assessments are completed – we are ready to start building! For most home building projects, construction takes between six and eight months. For multi-family projects or commercial builds, this timeline can be a bit longer, depending on the size of your project. The Construction phase includes the following:

  • Site preparation (utility disconnections, temporary power,  fences, demolishing, excavating, rough grading)
  • Exterior construction (foundation, framing, roofing, plumbing & electrical, windows & doors, grading & landscaping)
  • Interior construction (insulation & drywall, cabinets & trim, painting, floors, hardware & fixtures)
  • Periodic inspections


  • Final building inspection & walk-through
  • Turn over keys & documentation (operation manuals, warranty certificates)
  • Start of New Home Warranty period
  • Move in and enjoy your dream custom house

Depending on the size and complexity of your building project, these timelines can certainly vary. We also require timely decision making from the client in order for these timelines to be realized.

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